What length of Eyelash Extensions should I choose?

pink ruler

You may never had personally had eyelash extensions applied before, but you might be familiar with the banter among friends.

“I get 11’s in a C” one might say. “I like them in a .25 thickness!” exclaims another.

Like any beauty service, every client has unique requirements.

Lash Pro technicians know the importance of tailoring each application to suit our customers, and we do not apply a ‘one size fits all’ methodology. All of our technicians are equipped with a range of lashes in varying lengths, width and curvatures so that we can create a perfect look that suits you.

Upon your first eyelash extension consultation, your technician will assess your natural lashes, the shape and curvature of your face,  as well as your needs – for example, does the client want them for every day wear? Or super long for a special occasion?

Trust your lashes only with the experts.

To book in an application, please feel welcome to cal us on 0413 312 100 or contact us here.



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