Covid ready – how we must operate!

Please note that given the recent COVID-19 restrictions, we have introduced a number of changes in how we deliver our services:

In order to schedule an appointment, we will need every client to confirm the following:

  • They have not been identified as a close contact of a COVID-19 case within the past 21 days
  • they have not been in contact of a COVID-19 case within the past 21 days
  • They have not flu-like symptoms (sore throat/headaches/body aches/cough etc or feel generally unwell
  • That they are not pregnant


  • Our technicians will request that they can wash their hands at your premises. They will bring their own pump soap and hand towel, using a covered elbow or gloved hands to operate taps.
  • Our technicians will be wearing a face mask, and we will be asking our clients to wear a face mask during the application also (a new face mask will be provided to each client). The face mask MUST cover the nose and the mouth. 
  • We must avoid skin to skin contact. A disposable plastic covering will be used to cover the clients head and forehead to ensure there is no skin to skin contact. only the lashes will be exposed, tweezers will be used to apply.
  • Our technicians will be using hand sanitiser and sterilising equipment between each and every appointment. We may need to ask you to grab a door handle or door, etc, as we enter and leave the property as we are endeavoring to minimise contact with any and all surfaces. 
  • We ask that you prevent family, friends or partners being present in the treatment space (i.e. bedroom). 
  • While we LOVE to chat during our applications, we will need to keep conversation to a minimum 😦
  • Payments will need to be made electronically and we will be sending you a PayPal link at the conclusion of the appointment – and prefer that you use this link within 30 minutes of your technician leaving. If you prefer to pay via Bank Transfer, please let us know the day before as payment will need to be made prior. 

***PLEASE NOTE there is a $5 surcharge on all prices below which covers the cost of providing a face mask to both the client and technician, the use of plastic covering, gloves and hand sanitiser ***

Whilst these measures may appear extreme, LASH PRO strive to adapt to the new environment in which we operate.

If you have any concerns or extra recommendations, please feel welcome to get in contact.

Preparing for your Eyelash Extension Application appointment

lashes prep

Though your eyelash extension application is a relaxing experience, there are a few important steps you can take prior to your appointment.

  • Be very careful of applying moisturiser, serums, sunblock or any oil based products in the 48 hours leading up to your appointment
  • Avoid wearing mascara on the day of your appointment
  • In terms of cleaning your lashes prior to your appointment, use your regular cleansing methods BUT do clean the lashes again with bar soap and water – this is very important to ensure that the lashes are squeaky clean! NB. Please do not simply wipe your lashes with makeup remover wipes – these wipes have a cleanser residue which makes it almost impossible for the lashes to bond and significantly reduce the life f your extensions!
  • Please advise our Technicians if you are pregnant or have any sensitivities
  • Ensure that you leave up to an hour and fifteen minutes
  • Your technician will need a space with ample light and where you will not be disturbed
  • Our busy mums may have kids at home, but please refrain from letting your littlies jump on you or around you or the technician during the application – sometimes they get excited and the application is a very delicate procedure.




Eye Lash Extension After Care

After Care

Here are a few tips to ensure your lovely new eyelash extensions go the distance!

  • Following your application, be careful to keep your lashes very dry for 3 hours and relatively dry for 24 hours
  • Avoid hot steamy showers where possibly (the steam can lift the glue adhesive)
  • Be careful not to rub your eyes, and if using a towel or towelette to dry for face dab gently (the fibres may pull at the lash extension).
  • Be careful to avoid putting moisturiser, sun block, fake tan, serums and sunblock directly onto the lashes
  • Avoid oily products near the lashes – i.e. Vitamin E Oil and Bio-Oil for example, and other oil based products
  • Do  not use eyelash curlers while you still have eyelash extensions on
  • Avoid rubbing, touching and pulling at your lashes
  • If you wish to use mascara (many don’t with their new eyelash extensions) choose one that is not waterproof – or water soluble
  • Avoid any laser treatments around the eyes whilst you are wearing extensions.

If you have any further questions regarding After Care, please reach out to one of our knowledgeable technicians.

How often should I replace my mascara?


It is an all too common question among women – how often should we replace our mascara? Some lovely ladies will bin their wand after a couple of months of use, while others may go up to a year or longer before they are willing to say their final farewell.

As a general rule of thumb, mascara should be replaced every two to three months. Of all the beauty and make up products in your arsenal, mascara has the shortest shelf life of them all. Due to its almost liquid form, it is more prone to collecting bacteria than other products. If you notice your mascara has caked up or changed texture, discard it immediately.

On that, ever ever share your mascara with anyone else either!


The importance of cleaning your lashes pre appointment

wash-face pink

It is absolutely critical that prior to your appointment that your eyelashes are clean and dry. It is also absolutely critical that your ensure your lashes have been cleaned with a solution that is oil free and does not leave any sort of residue that might interfere with the lash adhesive. For this reason, cleanser wipes are an absolute no-no as they leave a sticky residue.

Be sure to check any cleanser for any oil, but the best bet is good old fashioned baby shampoo or simple bar soap.

Although your Lash pro technician will use a pre-adhesive solution, this will not always remove any oil or additional residue.

The number one reason why lashes do not last on a client is that the adhesive was unable to bond to the natural lash.

Be mindful that while you may not use a product on your face, we do tend to touch our lashes far more often than we realise. For this reason, it is really important to be mindful of other products you use on the day of application – for example, a body oil, or Vitamin E oil which may still be present on your hands and accidentally transfer to your face.



















How to prepare for your Eyelash Extension appointment


Preparation is key.

To ensure a great lash application and that your lashes can last the distance, be sure to take the following into consideration.

Try to choose a space where you will be undisturbed

Your eyelash extension application is a good opportunity to relax! It’s not at all unusual for our clients to drift of into a peaceful sleep during their appointments. If you can arrange use of a room where you will be undisturbed, you can make the most of your allotted time and wake up fresh and revitalized – with your stunning new lashes of course!

Choose a space with good lighting

This is so that our technicians can work at their optimum. we often take booking after hours, so it’s important that the room you have chosen has ample light.

Ensure that your lashes are clean and dry

This is the most important thing you can do prior to your appointment. We text our clients to ensure that they make sure their lashes are clean and dry and free of any moisturisers, serums, sunblock, fake tan, or cleanser residue.  And yet, we are surprised that some of our clients do not heed this instruction, and use a oily cleanser pre-appointment, or apply moisturiser after cleansing.

These are big no-no’s!

Your new lash extensions will need to bond to your squeaky clean natural lashes. For this reason, it is really important to ensure that their is absolutely no trace of mascara, serum, sunblock, fake tan, moisturiser, or cleanser residue which will interfere with the adhesive bond.

The best bet? Baby shampoo or simple bar soap. The cleaner your natural lashes, the better chance your extensions have to last the distance!

Leave enough time

There’s nothing relaxing about feeling rushed. Please allow enough time for your appointment. More information regarding our appointment slot duration can be found on our Services page.


Thinking of trying Eyelash Extensions? Ask your technician these 5 things first.

pink thinking

Thinking about trying Eyelash Extensions?

Sadly, the Eyelash Extension industry in Australia is highly unregulated. This means that there are still a lot of untrained and unqualified ‘technicians’ offering Eyelash Extension applications.

Before you commit your business to just any salon or technician, be sure to ask them these 5 questions.

How many years have you been applying eyelash extensions?


Are Eyelash Extensions your main service?


What sort of eyelashes do you use?


How will you know if I am experiencing an allergic reaction?


What lengths and thicknesses do you use?



The advantages of having your lashes done at home!

pink clock

Your usual beauty or lash salon offers a few after work slots, but these might be booked up for weeks. Your Saturdays and Sundays might be dedicated to children, parents, or spent on hobbies, sports, shopping and getting the housework done. Just add in a dash of Sydney traffic – and the whole exercise could take up to 3-4 hours in total.

With Lash pro Mobile – it doesn’t matter! Our Trainer Technicians can work in with your schedule.

We offer appointments from as early as 8am in the morning to 7pm in the evening 7 days a week. With adequate notice, you can have your lashes done in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.

To book in an appointment, please feel free to call us on 0413 312 100 or fill in our contact form here.


What length of Eyelash Extensions should I choose?

pink ruler

You may never had personally had eyelash extensions applied before, but you might be familiar with the banter among friends.

“I get 11’s in a C” one might say. “I like them in a .25 thickness!” exclaims another.

Like any beauty service, every client has unique requirements.

Lash Pro technicians know the importance of tailoring each application to suit our customers, and we do not apply a ‘one size fits all’ methodology. All of our technicians are equipped with a range of lashes in varying lengths, width and curvatures so that we can create a perfect look that suits you.

Upon your first eyelash extension consultation, your technician will assess your natural lashes, the shape and curvature of your face,  as well as your needs – for example, does the client want them for every day wear? Or super long for a special occasion?

Trust your lashes only with the experts.

To book in an application, please feel welcome to cal us on 0413 312 100 or contact us here.



Ways to care for your new Eyelash Extensions

caring 2

Care for your new lash extensions

Your invested in a beautiful new set of eyelash extensions. Now you want to make sure that they go the distance!

Here are our top tips:

  • Keep your new eyelash extensions exceptionally dry for 3 hours following your application
  • Keep your new eyelash extensions ‘relatively’ dry for 24 hours – for example, rather than splashing water on them directly, or placing your face underneath the jet stream of your shower head, use a face washer or makeup remover wipe
  • Do not ever pick at your eyelash extensions
  • Do not ever pull off your eyelash extensions
  • Do not coat your new eyelash extensions with unnecessary moisturiser – if you are using an eye creme, apply to the orbital rim of the eye
  •  If you use a mascara, be sure to remove your makeup carefully and gently