Please note that given the recent COVID-19 restrictions, we have introduced a number of changes in how we deliver our services. Rest assured, our technicians are double-vaxxed and follow a stringent Covid Safety plan. In order to schedule an appointment, we will need every client to confirm the following: They have been double vaccinated andContinue reading “COVID READY”


Here are a few tips to ensure your lovely new eyelash extensions go the distance! Following your application, be careful to keep your lashes very dry for 3 hours and relatively dry for 24 hours Avoid hot steamy showers where possibly (the steam can lift the glue adhesive) Be careful not to rub your eyes,Continue reading “EYELASH EXTENSION AFTERCARE”

The importance of cleaning your lashes pre appointment

It is absolutely critical that prior to your appointment that your eyelashes are clean and dry. It is also absolutely critical that your ensure your lashes have been cleaned with a solution that is oil free and does not leave any sort of residue that might interfere with the lash adhesive. For this reason, cleanserContinue reading “The importance of cleaning your lashes pre appointment”


To ensure a great lash application and that your lashes can last the distance, be sure to take the following into consideration. Preparing your lashes Ensure that your lashes are CLEAN and DRY This is the most important thing you can do prior to your appointment. We text our clients to ensure that they make sureContinue reading “PREPARING FOR YOUR LASH APPOINTMENT”


Sadly, the Eyelash Extension industry in Australia is highly unregulated. This means that there are still a lot of untrained and unqualified ‘technicians’ offering Eyelash Extension applications. Before you commit your business to just any salon or technician, be sure to ask them these 5 questions. How many years have you been applying eyelash extensions?Continue reading “VETT YOUR TECH!”

The advantages of having your lashes done at home!

Your usual beauty or lash salon offers a few after work slots, but these might be booked up for weeks. Your Saturdays and Sundays might be dedicated to children, parents, or spent on hobbies, sports, shopping and getting the housework done. Just add in a dash of Sydney traffic – and the whole exercise couldContinue reading “The advantages of having your lashes done at home!”

What length of Eyelash Extensions should I choose?

You may never had personally had eyelash extensions applied before, but you might be familiar with the banter among friends. “I get 11’s in a C” one might say. “I like them in a .25 thickness!” exclaims another. Like any beauty service, every client has unique requirements. Lash Pro technicians know the importance of tailoringContinue reading “What length of Eyelash Extensions should I choose?”

Ways to care for your new Eyelash Extensions

Your invested in a beautiful new set of eyelash extensions. Now you want to make sure that they go the distance! Here are our top tips: Keep your new eyelash extensions exceptionally dry for 3 hours following your application Keep your new eyelash extensions ‘relatively’ dry for 24 hours – for example, rather than splashingContinue reading “Ways to care for your new Eyelash Extensions”