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Please note that given the recent COVID-19 restrictions, we have introduced a number of changes in how we deliver our services.

Rest assured, our technicians are double-vaxxed and follow a stringent Covid Safety plan.

In order to schedule an appointment, we will need every client to confirm the following:

  • They have been double vaccinated and are happy to show their Covid Vaccination certificate
  • The client is happy to check in using our QR code
  • They are happy to ear a mask for the duration of the appointment
  • They have not been identified as a close contact of a COVID-19 case within the past 14 days
  • they have not been in contact of a COVID-19 case within the past 14 days
  • They are not currently awaiting the results of a Covid test
  • They are not currently in quarantine
  • They have not flu-like symptoms (sore throat/headaches/body aches/cough etc or feel generally unwell
  • That they are not pregnant


  • Our technicians will request that they can wash their hands at your premises. They will bring their own pump soap and hand towel, using a covered elbow or gloved hands to operate taps.
  • Our technicians will be wearing a face mask, and we will be asking our clients to wear a face mask during the application also (a new face mask will be provided to each client). The face mask MUST cover the nose and the mouth. 
  • We recommend as much ventilation as possible, and will ask you to open a door or window if possible
  • We must avoid skin to skin contact where possible
  • Our technicians will be using hand sanitiser and sterilising equipment between each and every appointment. We may need to ask you to grab a door handle or door, etc, as we enter and leave the property as we are endeavoring to minimise contact with any and all surfaces. 
  • We ask that you prevent family, friends or partners being present in the treatment space (i.e. bedroom). 
  • While we LOVE to chat during our applications, we will need to keep conversation to a minimum 🙁
  • Payments will need to be made electronically and we will be sending you a PayPal link at the conclusion of the appointment – and prefer that you use this link within 30 minutes of your technician leaving. 

Whilst these measures may appear extreme, LASH PRO strive to adapt to the new environment in which we operate.

If you have any concerns or extra recommendations, please feel welcome to get in contact.

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