After Care

Here are a few tips to ensure your lovely new eyelash extensions go the distance!

  • Following your application, be careful to keep your lashes very dry for 3 hours and relatively dry for 24 hours
  • Avoid hot steamy showers where possibly (the steam can lift the glue adhesive)
  • Be careful not to rub your eyes, and if using a towel or towelette to dry for face dab gently (the fibres may pull at the lash extension).
  • Be careful to avoid putting moisturiser, sun block, fake tan, serums and sunblock directly onto the lashes
  • Avoid oily products near the lashes – i.e. Vitamin E Oil and Bio-Oil for example, and other oil based products
  • Do  not use eyelash curlers while you still have eyelash extensions on
  • Avoid rubbing, touching and pulling at your lashes
  • If you wish to use mascara (many don’t with their new eyelash extensions) choose one that is not waterproof – or water soluble
  • Avoid any laser treatments around the eyes whilst you are wearing extensions.

If you have any further questions regarding After Care, please reach out to one of our knowledgeable technicians.

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