Preparation is key.

To ensure a great lash application and that your lashes can last the distance, be sure to take the following into consideration.

Preparing your lashes

Ensure that your lashes are CLEAN and DRY

This is the most important thing you can do prior to your appointment. We text our clients to ensure that they make sure their lashes are clean and dry and free of any moisturisers, serums, sunblock, fake tan, or cleanser residue.  And yet, we are surprised that some of our clients do not heed this instruction, and use a oily cleanser pre-appointment, or apply moisturiser after cleansing.

These are big no-no’s!

Your new lash extensions will need to bond to your squeaky clean natural lashes. For this reason, it is really important to ensure that their is absolutely no trace of mascara, serum, sunblock, fake tan, moisturiser, or cleanser residue which will interfere with the adhesive bond.

The best bet? Baby shampoo or simple bar soap. The cleaner your natural lashes, the better chance your extensions have to last the distance!


Clean your lashes with soap and water (not just water)


Use a cleanser, micellar water or makeup remover wipe

Apply moisturiser to the lashes post cleanse

Time your hair wash

We recommend keeping your lashes dry for at least 3 hours, but the longer you can keep them dry post-application, the better. For this reason, if you were due to wash your hair on the day of your appointment, we recommend doing this before your application.

Leave enough time

There’s nothing relaxing about feeling rushed. Please allow enough time for your appointment. More information regarding our appointment slot duration can be found on our Services page.

On the day of your appointment

Try to choose a space where you will be undisturbed

Your eyelash extension application is a good opportunity to relax! It’s not at all unusual for our clients to drift of into a peaceful sleep during their appointments. If you can arrange use of a room where you will be undisturbed, you can make the most of your allotted time and wake up fresh and revitalized – with your stunning new lashes of course!

Choose a space with good lighting

This is so that our technicians can work at their optimum. we often take booking after hours, so it’s important that the room you have chosen has ample light.

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