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How do I prepare for my Eyelash extensions?

Ahhh – this is very important, because preparation – on your part too – can go a long way with ensuring your lovely new lashes stay on for longer!

In the 24 hours leading up to your appointment we kindly ask that you avoid getting the following on your lashes: moisturizer, serums, sunblock, oils of any kind (Vitamin E, Argan, etc), spray tan or lanolin. Yes, lanolin!

On the day of your appointment, make sure that your eyelashes are free of any makeup, moisturizer, serums, sunblocks or spray tan. The best preparation is to make sure that the lashes are exceedingly clean as well as dry as this will allow the glue to bond well with the natural lash.

WE RECOMMEND CLEANING WITH: good old fashioned bar soap and water. Doesn’t sound too glam does it? But it is so effective in making sure that the lashes are stripped of any moisture pre-application.

WE RECOMMEND AVOIDING cleaning with: make up remover wipes, oily cleansers, shower gels, shower oils, any products with micro beads and mi-cellar water.

Depending on the glue that your technician uses, you will typically be asked to keep the lashes very dry 3-24 hours following the application. For this reason, it is best to arrange any trips to the Hairdresser or Spray Tanner before your eyelash application.

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