The importance of cleaning your lashes pre appointment

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It is absolutely critical that prior to your appointment that your eyelashes are clean and dry. It is also absolutely critical that your ensure your lashes have been cleaned with a solution that is oil free and does not leave any sort of residue that might interfere with the lash adhesive. For this reason, cleanser wipes are an absolute no-no as they leave a sticky residue.

Be sure to check any cleanser for any oil, but the best bet is good old fashioned baby shampoo or simple bar soap.

Although your Lash pro technician will use a pre-adhesive solution, this will not always remove any oil or additional residue.

The number one reason why lashes do not last on a client is that the adhesive was unable to bond to the natural lash.

Be mindful that while you may not use a product on your face, we do tend to touch our lashes far more often than we realise. For this reason, it is really important to be mindful of other products you use on the day of application – for example, a body oil, or Vitamin E oil which may still be present on your hands and accidentally transfer to your face.



















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