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Thinking about trying Eyelash Extensions?

Sadly, the Eyelash Extension industry in Australia is highly unregulated. This means that there are still a lot of untrained and unqualified ‘technicians’ offering Eyelash Extension applications.

Before you commit your business to just any salon or technician, be sure to ask them these 5 questions.

How many years have you been applying eyelash extensions?

You want to be in the right hands – choose a technician who has a few years experience. Our Lash Pro’s have 11 years experience – and counting.

Are Eyelash Extensions your main service?

Too many salons are throwing in eyelash extensions as yet another beauty service – but as any experienced Lash Artist will tell you, Lashes are a speciality. We recommend choosing a Lash Artist who specialises in this area.

What sort of eyelashes do you use?

An experienced Lash Tech will be able to run through the types of lashes available, as well as his or her choice and most importantly, why they choose to work with the lashes they stock.

How will you know if I am experiencing an allergic reaction?

An experienced technician will of course vett you as a potential customer, asking you if you are pregnant, have any existing eye conditions or are scheduled for upcoming surgery – this gives you a good indication of their professionalism and caring for your health and safety. A good technician will also ask you if you have ever had an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions previously – and will be able to explain to you what they look out for during the application that might suggest you are having an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions are rare, but every technician needs to be prepared in the event that they have a client who has one either during or after the application.

What lengths and thicknesses do you use?

A good technician has an array of lashes to choose from depending on a range of factors – be wary of technicians who only use a a few standard lengths and thicknesses.

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